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Trailer is finished!

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A new start

More or less. I redid the video, I think this time it looks much better - even though it's not as smooth. As always, there's a payoff - smooth video means less detail. More detail - grainy video. But I think it's better if you see the hair on the heads of the characters, instead of just a brown slurry.

Old news

I did not, as planned, publish the full video. I noticed last second that audio was out of synch, which required a complete restart of the project.
Other work took over and I delayed the project, once again.

The restart cost me a lot of time, naturally. But at the same time it meant I could try new ways - and indeed, I found new ways to improve things. I have now reached what I consider to be the maximum quality possible from this video.
(Although I do not doubt that someone else might get even better results, I'm quite sure it's the best I can do.

September 2011

Finally. I am close to publishing the video. The quality is better than ever, if a bit detailless. I was able to correct the color problems and smooth out most of the dirt without losing too much detail.
I am now reworking the website to make it a bit more friendly and informative.

October 2011

I'm still working on the final version of the video. Audio is OK now, still asynchronous in places, but small enough to be overlooked.
More importantly, I'm workin on the (english) subtitles. I'm about three quarters in, but it'll take a few more days. Once this is done, I'll publish - any corrections should then be added via MKVToolnix, which means you don't have to download the entire video again if you're willing to run a script that updates the MKV file.
I hope the subs work on the big screen as well as on PC.
In case anyone actually reads this - I'm almost done with the english subtitles. 99% of the texts are finished, I'm currently giving the more important characters color and then will split a few parts that would otherwise block half the screen.
I expect to be able to upload the finished version this weekend.

Star Trek Klingon - the video

Watch. Learn. Know what being klingon means.

What does "being klingon" mean?

If you believe old Federation propaganda, being klingon means slaughtering innocents, eating raw meat, killing whoever is in your path, and generally being a bad person.
In recent years, this image has finally started to fade, being replaced with a more sympathetic view, as the Federation has had more contact with the Klingon Empire, actually talking to them instead of just trading blows.
Still, most of that information comes from battlefields of one kind or another. Be it combat or diplomacy.
Very few actually had the pleasure of visiting Qo'noS or any other planet in the Klingon Empire, to see firsthand how Klingons live. Fewer even did service aboard a klingon ship. Many of the Federation still believe that a good way to get a promotion is simply killing your superior.
Granted, it may happen anyway - but it's not done just because. You need a sufficient reason - "I wanted his job" probably won't do, as no one will serve under a captain they don't believe in.
Klingon culture is about power. The captain is the most powerful aboard the ship. He is not going to let you kill a good officer for no reason - or grant you a position he knows you can't fulfill. Klingons might not mind dying - but they surely mind dying for no reason!

Star Trek Klingon

A game. A holodeck adventure. Written in part by Gowron to introduce Federation people into a part of klingon culture, so they'd better understand them.
It began during a diplomatic meeting between Klingons and Federation - realizing that half the Federation officers wouldn't understand a klingons way of living and oppose all suggestions out of mere ignorance, not necessarily malice, Gowron used the more peaceful lunchtime breaks to tell a story. A story about how a klingon boy becomes a man and avenges his fathers murder.
The story of poq - son of Torghn.

After the negotiations were over at last - peaceful, if not successful, it was decided that in order for federation to better understand klingon culture, this holodeck adventure should be created.

Star Trek Klingon - The Video

Since so few of us are able to properly maintain a holodeck or similar, a more contemporary program was made from it. The game released by Simon & Schuster, known as "Star Trek Klingon".
While they were able to capture the timeless feel of an alien culture, their technology is not as timeless. By now, the original systems to run this program are hard to come by, the very few still existing are rarely used.
That's why I took it upon myself to extract as much as possible from it, to preserve it for future generations. A lot of what I created, you can view on my other site - SuvwI' van bom.
However, a game as grand as this, a story so absorbing, deserves a website of its own.


Well, I'm done. I did what I could, even though it's not nearly enough. But you don't want my ramblings, you want the video, right? :-)
Note:If you're using Media Player Classic - do NOT use EVR as output. Weird as it sounds, it'll ruin the image - it'll get a glossy look, hard to explain. Just switch to another renderer, open again and see for yourself. (If it doesn't, all the better. It took me over a year to realize that my copy of MPC does that...).

More details at the feature list site.