A new start

More or less. I redid the video, I think this time it looks much better - even though it's not as smooth. As always, there's a payoff - smooth video means less detail. More detail - grainy video. But I think it's better if you see the hair on the heads of the characters, instead of just a brown slurry.

Old news

I did not, as planned, publish the full video. I noticed last second that audio was out of synch, which required a complete restart of the project.
Other work took over and I delayed the project, once again.

The restart cost me a lot of time, naturally. But at the same time it meant I could try new ways - and indeed, I found new ways to improve things. I have now reached what I consider to be the maximum quality possible from this video.
(Although I do not doubt that someone else might get even better results, I'm quite sure it's the best I can do.

September 2011

Finally. I am close to publishing the video. The quality is better than ever, if a bit detailless. I was able to correct the color problems and smooth out most of the dirt without losing too much detail.
I am now reworking the website to make it a bit more friendly and informative.

October 2011

I'm still working on the final version of the video. Audio is OK now, still asynchronous in places, but small enough to be overlooked.
More importantly, I'm workin on the (english) subtitles. I'm about three quarters in, but it'll take a few more days. Once this is done, I'll publish - any corrections should then be added via MKVToolnix, which means you don't have to download the entire video again if you're willing to run a script that updates the MKV file.
I hope the subs work on the big screen as well as on PC.
In case anyone actually reads this - I'm almost done with the english subtitles. 99% of the texts are finished, I'm currently giving the more important characters color and then will split a few parts that would otherwise block half the screen.
I expect to be able to upload the finished version this weekend.