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Frequently asked questions about the video(s) and/or the site

Did anyone actually ever ask anything of all that?
To be honest, no. At least not yet. But I figure it's things people might want to know. At least, I want to write about them :-)
Why is the video quality so bad?
Apart from my inability to better clean it up, it's because the source was miserable to begin with. The codec, being old, wasn't that good either, but even before encoding, the video has been manhandled.
Couldn't you at least make it bigger?
Yes, I could. But I doubt it would do much good. It'll only increase filesize and not add detail. Any modern player can enlarge the video just the same, even if it'll require more CPU to do so.
The video is rather blurred, why is that?
A side effect of trying to "clean" the video is that it gets blurred. By blurring it, most of the "dirt" gets removed. Along with useful information, unfortunately.
If I didn't smooth the video, it'd look sharper, but at the same time it'd be not as "clean". The compression codec the would have a hard time to know what is important information and what is just noise.
Will the final video follow the game story?
Mostly. It is impossible not to follow the story closely, as all other paths would be dead ends - I did include some, though, making it appear as if they're not dead ends. I did so because I thought they add useful information and might seem reasonable. If you'd play the game, you'd have to be perfect.
Where's a more specific list of "features" of the video?