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Star Trek Klingon, the Video - Feature list

Please note: The AVI version of the file contains the same video and audio tracks (albeit with lower quality), but nothing else.

Notes about the video - the path taken, the errors made

Generally, I followed the intended story of the game - of course, otherwise we'd never get to the end of the storyline :-)
At a few points I reduced the waiting time, since it's rather useless that the video almost stands still for no reason.
So I'm only listing the few wrong decisions or additions I added.

The Subtitles

There are currently TWO subtitle tracks in the file - one is merely for the title and some short explanation about where the video lies within the fiction.
It should be displayed by default, but I think it doesn't work as intended. No matter.
The other track, though, is important - it's the english subtitles.

English subtitles

It doesn't contain the klingon speech at the start, nor the various short song sections. I might add them at some time later.
If your player supports it, the various characters should be color coded - I tried to use fitting colors for every character.
I also gave every character a name - weird as it may sound, it wasn't easy. Not all characters are named in the video, and the book is inconsistent with the names, so I took some liberty assigning then possible names.

The subtitles are more or less tied to the actual duration of the speech, and I tried to keep them below 4 lines at once. Not as easy as you might guess, and also a lot of work. Perhaps I'll refine them some day. In that case, rest assured you won't have to download the entire MKV file again.

German subtitles

A recent development, I transted the english subs into german. I didn't (yet) change the timing, so it might be somewhat off sometimes. I probably will change a sentence here or there, as I might find better wordings that I used right now.
If you have a suggestions, go ahead and tell me.

Klingon subtitles?

Not yet.
I hope to add them sometime - I know some people have started a translation of the texts in the game, so I might be able to draw upon that. Or I might try to translate it myself, but I fear that would ruin the quality :-)

Klingon audio?

Heh, there isn't even klingon text yet, no time to discuss klingon audio. But yes, it is my hope that one day the whole video will be dubbed in Klingon.
It will be a glorious day when that happens. But I fear it will be a far-away day nonetheless...


As I mentioned above, some of the names are not consistent in the book and video. The book uses more characters and even then assigns names twice.

Gowron. Does he need more introduction? Leader of the klingon high council. Your guide in this video.
You. Well, poq, actually.

House of SepIch

Torghn, your father. Head of the house of SepIch.
His death is the reason why you swear a blood-oath even before your rite of ascension is completed.
K'Tar, your mother. Willing to go against Gowron himself, should he needlessly endanger your life.
Qua'lon, your uncle. The younger brother of your father.

House of Ingka

Vok. House of Ingka. Sworn enemy of Gowron and his allies, like your father.
T'Var, mate of Vok. Convinced of his innocence.
DRacLa. Only mentioned in the book, son of Vok, determined to avenge him.

Gowrons Crew

A few have been named in the videos, other are either two persons in the book or have differing names.
Le'rat. Even though he is old, he decided to remain in active duty.
ChaqI', part of Gowrons crew. Science, weapons, navigation.
T'Lak, one of Gowrons personal guards
Qugh. His mate makes an excellent ro'qegh 'Iwchab, using a liquid federation spice called "vudka"...
"Large Klingon". I don't know his name, sorry.
Meska, the bartender. Deals with illegal weapons.
Alira. A harmless singer, knows a few klingon operas and understands them generally rather well.
A Pakled captain.