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Let it be known:

Most if not all content on this website has been taken from the game CDs of Star Trek Klingon.
It is not intended as copyright infringement, but as a sign of respect and means to spread the knowledge about this interesting culture and language.

AFAIK, this game isn't available anymore and even if it were, modern Windows can't even run it anymore (that is, a 64Bit system can't. You may get it running on a 32Bit system. Windows XP mode should be able to run it).

If you have a computer system that can run this game - try to get a copy. Even if the graphics are mediocre, it's fun. Also one of the few games that center around klingons.

BTW, there is also a book version of this game - also available as eBook! - and an audio version (music cassette or CD). I can highly recommend the book! The story is somewhat different from the game (apart from the additional story - mainly there are more characters in Gowron's story).
You can get the (e)book from Simon & Schuster, or Kobo, or probably quite a few others. The eBook has the same spelling mistakes as the print book, though.