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Star Trek Klingon, the Video - Trailer

Not just a few clips pulled from the full video

Unlike what a regular trailer is, this doesn't just contain selected clips from the main video. Instead, it is mainly composed of unused scenes that in the original game were wrong decisions, leading to a dead-end.
Since they could not be included in the main video without either having the main character doing mistakes all the time, they would have been lost.
Instead, I wrote a few lines around them and arranged them in a way to show a few core principles of klingon culture.

How to get?

Two ways:

The downloadable file is encoded using Divx and MP3, in an AVI container. Subtitles are burnt in. I do not recommend trying to stream the video, even if your player supports it. Streaming may lead to skipping video, as AVI isn't really that much suited for Mpeg4 encoding(B-Frames for example).
It's only 10MB, so it shouldn't be much of a problem anyway, right?

Viewing recommendations

Use whatever player you prefer - any should be fine.
However, I cannot suggest enlarging the video any more than double size, if at all. The quality isn't great and enlarging will only make matters worse.